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Our Products

Promotional Products

From everyday promotional essentials to the latest in mobile technology, Jag Media's curated collection presents the ideal gift solution, tailored to fit any budget or occasion.

Our diverse range of Promotional Products offers a wealth of innovative ideas that cater to resellers and corporate clients alike, supported by extensive inventory levels to ensure satisfaction. With a catalogue boasting over 1,200 items spread across 19 categories, there's a perfect fit for every event or marketing initiative, all primed for customization with your brand's logo.

Jag Media takes pride in offering an unparalleled selection of globally recognized gifting brands characterized by modern aesthetics, premium craftsmanship, and broad appeal. These brands not only enhance the perceived value of the products but also afford corporate clients the opportunity to select from a premium array of exquisitely packaged and distinctive items. Continuously gaining popularity, these brands have become an integral and thrilling aspect of our gifting repertoire.


With a keen emphasis on design, functionality, quality, and value, Jag Media's array of fashionable Apparel stands as a cornerstone in the Promotional Industry, supported by ample stock and a commitment to excellence.

Our expansive collection of apparel is meticulously curated under seven distinct brands, showcasing impactful styles for men, women, and children. Whether the occasion calls for casual wear, athletic attire, or corporate apparel, our range ensures an effortless blend of style and performance.

Tailored for customization with your logo, our apparel line boasts a diverse selection of colors, fits, and sizes, catering to all corporate and promotional clothing requirements. From cost-effective giveaways to everyday wardrobe staples and garments that proudly display team colors, there's a look and feel tailored to suit every individual.



At Jag Media, we've dedicated significant efforts to enhance our Headwear category, presenting an impressive assortment supported by extensive stock, featuring a range of contemporary styles and colors aimed at amplifying your brand presence.

Our curated collection of logo-ready headwear encompasses a variety of essential promotional items, protective gear, sporty designs, and fashionable trends, all crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, fit, and performance. Positioned under esteemed brands such as Altitude, Gary Player, Slazenger, and others, our lineup ensures a comprehensive selection to fulfill diverse needs and preferences.


In the realm of workwear solutions, securing the ideal ensemble holds paramount importance across all industries. Not only does it furnish your workforce with dependable attire for daily tasks, but it also proves to be a prudent investment in long-term cost savings. Jag Media's Altitude Workwear line stands as a testament to this ethos, meticulously crafted with a primary emphasis on safety, durability, and reliability.

Leveraging advancements in manufacturing technologies, we meticulously select technical fabrics for our garments, ensuring heightened functionality, performance, and longevity.

Once you've identified the perfect workwear solution, it's imperative to imprint your brand's identity upon it. Customizing your workwear with your company logo serves as an exceptional method to bolster brand visibility while facilitating clear identification and meeting compliance standards across various work sites.



Explore a diverse array of over 200 display solutions meticulously curated to meet every environment and need at Jag Media.

Our display solutions serve as the ideal canvases for showcasing your brand in any setting, empowering you to cultivate brand recognition and effectively market your products or services to a broad audience.

Crafted to fulfill both indoor and outdoor requisites, our displays are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring unrivaled quality and consistency. From floor vinyls and pull-up banners to banner walls, tablecloths, flags, flag fountains, pop-up banners, A-frame banners, flying banners, parasols, gazebos, and more, our range encompasses a comprehensive selection tailored to elevate your brand presence effortlessly.

Custom Products

At Jag Media, our bespoke products unlock boundless packaging and gifting opportunities, enabling brands to establish seamless connections with their customers from inception to completion.

Introducing Hoppla!—your premier destination for fully customizable bags, coolers, pencil cases, accessories, and more. Crafted locally, this range integrates fabric printed in vibrant full color, breathing life into your designs. With Hoppla!, you possess the autonomy to fashion a distinctive and personalized aesthetic that resonates with your unique style.

Elevate your gifting prowess with our Custom Packaging line—a suite of entirely customizable gift boxes and bags. Recognizing the pivotal role packaging plays in brand perception and message delivery, we offer the means to accentuate your brand identity or message by imprinting it with your bespoke design. Choose from our assortment of gift boxes and bags, engineered to be biodegradable and recyclable, thereby aligning with sustainable practices.